Qualitative Study of the Needs of the Low-Income Aging Population in Benito Juarez, Mexico

at The Center for Applied Research & Evaluation

This study was conducted in 2005 to assess the needs of the low-income elderly population in the municipality of Benito Juarez, Mexico.  This study to ascertain the needs of the elderly in this population was conducted at the request of Benito Juarez Mayor’s office and a group of advocates for the aging population in the community.  This qualitative research employed both individual interviews and focus groups of low-income elderly residents, their family members, service providers and advocates.  Findings and recommendations include the remediation of the plight of the older population in Benito Juarez, which will require some reforms in the enforcement of the legal rights of the elderly.  It will also require some additional resources, including training for many of the human service providers. Most needed is the creation of new forms of social capital that will help to repair and compensate for the fundamental changes taking place in family patterns in this area of Mexico.  The results of this research are currently being used by the network of concerned providers and advocates for the elderly in Benito Juarez who requested this study to help them make the most effective use of the limited resources available to address the critical needs of this population.