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About the Program

Upward Bound is a pre-college academic program designed to provide students from Ypsilanti High School and Willow Run High School with the academic skills enhancement and motivation necessary to obtain a college degree. 

Upward Bound provides its members with a unique support system in the areas of college and career planning. It also provides social and cultural enrichment for students who have an interest in a college education and possess the motivation to learn and grow.

Upward Bound is staffed by experienced, caring counselors and teachers who want to help young people achieve their dreams.

Upward Bound works! As a matter of fact, an Upward Bound student's chance of obtaining a bachelor's degree is four times greater than that of a non-Upward Bound student from a similar background.

Upward Bound services and activities are free to those who participate in the program. Participants even receive a monthly stipend for miscellaneous education expenses.

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