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The Center for Applied Research & Evaluation (CARE) assists decision makers to better serve children, families, and communities. CARE works with ISCFC programs, schools, governmental units and nonprofit organizations to collect, analyze, and use information for evaluating programs and making better decisions.

Peggy Wiencek | Center Director | | (734) 487-0372

Latest Projects

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Evaluation Services

The Center for Applied Research & Evaluation is currently providing program evaluation services for several programs. Read more...

Evaluation of the Corner Theatre Troupe/Peer Education Project

In 2008, CARE conducted an evaluation study of the Corner Health Center’s Theatre Troupe/Peer Education Project. This project aims to prevent substance use among middle school youth through peer education. Read more...

Qualitative Study of the Needs of the Low-Income Aging Population in Benito Juarez, Mexico

This study was conducted in 2005 to assess the needs of the low-income elderly population in the municipality of Benito Juarez, Mexico. Read more...

The Oregon Foster Care Review Project

In 1998-2004 the State of Oregon contracted with CARE to assess the safety and stability of every child foster care placement in the State of Oregon. The study involved interviewing the caseworker, licensing worker, foster parent and a collateral contact of each child in care in the State. Read more...

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