Dr. David Clifford, Director Emeritus

Co-Director, Nonprofit Capacity Building Program

Dr. David Clifford is Professor in the Health Administration Program and, currently, also the Co-Director of Nonprofit Capacity Building Program the Institute for the Study of Children, Families and Communities (ISCFC) at EMU. Earlier in his career, Dr. Clifford worked for the Washtenaw County Community Mental Health Center for ten years as Director of Planning, Budgeting and Evaluation as well as for the Michigan Department of Mental Health. At Eastern Michigan University, Dr. Clifford has served in a variety of administrative and leadership positions over the past twenty-three years, including: Director of ISCFC, Associate Vice President for Extended Programs, Dean of Continuing Education, Associate Dean of the College of Health and Human Services, Associate Provost, Associate Dean of the Graduate School, and Director of the Office of Research Development.


by Dr. David Clifford, Director Emeritus

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