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CrossTown Theatre Troupe (CTT) is made up of local high school youth from the Willow Run, Wayne Memorial, Ypsilanti and Eastern Michigan University's Early College Alliance (ECA) communities. We work to create awareness for youth voice in the Washtenaw Area. Youth who participate in the organization will have an opportunity to learn improvisational skills, interactive theatre, and gain an understanding of theatre for social change. CTT's performances seek to increase community engagement, access to youth perspective and generate community dialogue. CTT strives to recognize what issues the youth community deems most important, provide a safe place for teens and young adults to share their experiences, highlight the diverse nature of our neighborhood and help establish a greater sense of accomplishment for the youth community. CrossTown Theatre Troupe is made possible through the 21st Century Bright Futures Program, Gear Up and the office of Academic Service-Learning at Eastern Michigan University.

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